Exploring the Best Nail Art Kit for Kids: A Guide

Remember when you were a kid and nail art kit for kids was the coolest thing ever? Those mini bottles of polish, glittery stickers, and adhesive nails transformed our little hands into colorful canvases. Now imagine gifting that same joy to your child.

A nail art kit isn’t just about painting nails. It’s an open door to creativity where every stroke of brush brings out the artist in your child. But choosing one can be as tricky as designing those tiny flowers on your thumb nail!

From non-toxic polishes to fun-filled unicorn manicure sets – there are endless options out there! How do we choose?

In this post, we’ll journey through some amazing kits, learn how they’re used safely under adult supervision and explore DIY ideas that make each painted nail tell a story.

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Understanding Nail Art Kits for Kids

Nail art kits for kids are all the rage. These sets offer children a thrilling and imaginative approach to show themselves, while also aiding in the honing of their small motor abilities. But what exactly does a nail art kit entail? Let’s explore.

A typical nail art kit for kids includes an assortment of kid-friendly polishes, stickers or decals, glitter options, and tools like brushes or dotting pens. It’s not just about splashing color on nails; it’s about creating mini masterpieces at their fingertips.

The Magic of Nail Polish Sets

Nail polish is the heart of any nail art set. And when we say ‘polish,’ we mean non-toxic, peel-off types that ensure safety along with fun.

Kids love colors. That’s why these sets usually come packed with vibrant shades ranging from bubblegum pink to sunshine yellow – enough variety to create countless designs and patterns. Kid-friendly nail polish sets, as per eBay data show 228 different results priced between $1.62 to $35.99.

Add-ons: Stickers & Glitter

No manicure feels complete without some bling. This is where add-ons like glitters and stickers play their part in making each design unique.

Art stickers, often included in such kits make up beautiful themes – unicorns, flowers, or even stars. They’re easy-peel adhesive ones which can be simply stuck onto painted nails before adding top coat.

All-in-One: Ultimate Design Kit

For those who want to experience a full nail art studio, an all-in-one kit is the perfect solution. It combines polish sets with tools and extras like false nails or toe separators.

Some kits even include items such as scented nail polishes, making the painting process not just visually but also olfactory stimulating. The Funkidz Makeup Nail Studio Kits, for example, comes packed with peelable scented polishes and stickers.

Key Takeaway: 

Nail art kits for kids are a hit, letting them express creativity while building fine motor skills. They typically include non-toxic polishes, stickers, glitters and tools. These sets range in color variety and add-ons like scented polish or false nails to make each creation unique.

Essential Features in a Nail Art Kit for Kids

Choosing the right nail art kit for your child can seem daunting with so many options available. But, don’t fret. Let’s talk about some of the must-have features that make a kids’ nail art kit stand out.

The Importance of Non-Toxic Polishes

The first thing to consider when buying a nail polish set is safety. Make sure it includes non-toxic and peel-off polishes which are specially designed for young, sensitive skin.

This ensures easy removal without needing harsh chemicals or acetone-based removers that could harm your kid’s nails. Remember – safety comes first.

Beyond being safe, these types of polishes also offer other benefits like quick drying times and fewer smudges or chips compared to traditional lacquers.

The Role of a Nail Dryer

Another important feature is having an efficient nail dryer included in the nail kit. A good dryer speeds up the process significantly and reduces chances of ruining those beautiful designs by accidental smudging.

A bonus tip: look for dryers with cool settings as they’re safer on little fingers than their hot air counterparts.

Diverse Range Of Colors And Textures In The Polish Set

Kids love variety – this applies even more when it comes to choosing colors from their own personal makeup nail studio. An excellent choice would be kits offering at least ten different shades and finishes (think glitter nail polishes, scented nail options).

This not only sparks creativity but also adds a fun element to the entire manicure experience.

Easy To Use Tools And Accessories

Little ones are still working on their motor skills. That’s why it’s vital that any tools included – like brushes or dotting pens – are a cinch for tiny hands to grip.

Key Takeaway: 

When picking a nail art kit for kids, safety should be top of mind. Opt for non-toxic, peel-off polishes that are gentle on young skin and easy to remove. A quick-drying nail dryer is a must-have, preferably with cool settings to prevent any burns. Kids will appreciate kits packed with diverse polish colors and textures to unleash their creativity.

Reviewing Top Nail Art Kits for Kids

Determining which nail art kit is best suited to your child’s needs can be challenging; we’ve made it easier by reviewing two of the highest-rated kits available. We’ve taken the guesswork out by reviewing two top-rated kids’ nail art kits available today.

Crayola Scented Nail Polishes Set

The Crayola Scented Nail Polishes 5 Color Set is not just another polish set; it’s an experience. The iconic Crayola label has long been associated with inspiring imagination, and this product is no different.

This set includes five vibrant scented nail polishes that are perfect for girls aged eight and above. The exciting thing about these polishes isn’t just their color but also their aroma. From bubblegum pink to fresh mint green, each bottle brings its unique scent, adding a whole new dimension to manicure time.

What makes this kit stand out from others? It goes beyond typical glitter nail aesthetics found in most kits. Instead, Crayola offers something more – an engaging sensory play experience where colors come alive through smell.

Unicorn Manicure Nail Polish Set with Dryer

Moving on to our next pick: the Kids Nail Polish Set for Girls with Dryer – Unicorn Manicure Kit. This kit includes everything your child needs to create their nail art masterpiece. But it’s the addition of a professional-grade nail dryer that makes this set truly shine.

With a nail dryer included, kids get to experience an authentic spa feel, minus the need for grown-up watch over hot drying lamps. The kit throws in toe separators and stick-on nails too – often missed out tools but key to nailing that perfect salon look.

Using a Nail Art Kit for Kids

With so many options available, they can create amazing nail designs in no time.

Preparing the Nails

The first step to creating any great nail art is preparing the nails properly. This includes cleaning and shaping them. Using a gentle soap will help remove any oils or dirt on the surface of the nails, ensuring better adhesion of polish.

A good manicure set can be used to shape and buff your kid’s nails before applying polish. Make sure not to file too aggressively as children’s nails are often softer than adults’.

Selecting Polish Colors

Picking out colors is arguably one of the most fun parts. Most kids’ nail art kits come with an array of vibrant polishes, giving your child plenty of choices. From glittery golds to neon pinks – there’s something for every style.

Applying Base Coat & Polish

A base coat acts as a protective layer between your kid’s natural nail and colored polish while enhancing color vibrancy at the same time. Once you’ve applied it, allow it to dry fully before proceeding with color application.

The number of coats required may vary based on chosen polish quality but typically two layers suffice. Sephora Color Hit Nail Polishes, for example, are known for their high pigmentation.

Creating Nail Art Designs

Time for some amusement. Once your polish has dried, you can start adding designs. Use a dotting tool or nail art stickers to create cute patterns and motifs on your kid’s nails.

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are tons of easy-to-follow tutorials online that show various techniques such as striping and sponging. Remember – practice makes perfect.

Add A Top Coat For Shine And Protection

Adding a top coat not only boosts the shine of your design, but also shields it from any potential chipping.

Key Takeaway: 

Unleash your child’s creativity with a kids’ nail art kit. It starts with preparing the nails – cleaning, shaping and buffing them for polish application. Next comes the fun part: picking out vibrant colors and creating amazing designs using tools or stickers included in the kit. Finally, protect their masterpiece by adding a top coat for extra shine and durability.

Safety Measures with Kids’ Nail Art Kits

When it comes to kids and nail art, safety should always come first. It’s essential to remember that while these kits are fun and exciting, they need adult supervision.

Choosing Child-Friendly Products

The choice of a kid-friendly product is crucial for ensuring safety. The Children’s Simulation Makeup Toys Girls Educational Gifts Lipstick Nail Polish Cosmetic Toy Set from AliExpress, for example, is designed specifically with child safety in mind.

This set includes non-toxic polishes which significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation or allergies. It also has tools sized appropriately for little hands to hold and manipulate easily.

Kits like this one take into account the inherent curiosity of children – giving them an engaging play set without compromising their health & well-being.

Allergies And Skin Sensitivity

Another important aspect when considering a nail art kit for your child involves potential allergic reactions or skin sensitivities. A good rule thumb here would be testing out the polish on a small patch of skin before full application – think along lines “patch test”. If there are any signs redness or discomfort after 24 hours, you may want reconsider using that particular product.

The Role Of Adult Supervision

An integral part of ensuring safe use lies within effective adult supervision during play time with these kits. Even though products might advertise themselves as being suitable ‘for all ages’, don’t let this give you false sense security.

Younger kids, especially those under five years old, are more likely to put items in their mouths or be unable to comprehend how to correctly utilize specific instruments. This is where your role as an adult comes into play – guiding them and teaching proper usage.

Nail Care After Art Application

Once you’ve had your fill of fun with nail art kits, make sure to keep things in good shape.

Key Takeaway: 

Safety First: Kids’ nail art kits are a blast, but safety is key. Always opt for child-friendly products like the non-toxic Children’s Simulation Makeup Toys set from AliExpress. Test for allergies before use and never forget – adult supervision is crucial.

Maintaining Kids’ Nail Art

After all the fun and creativity, it’s essential to take care of those little fingers. Maintaining kids’ nail art not only keeps their nails looking pretty but also promotes healthy growth.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Nail maintenance isn’t just for adults; it plays a crucial role in children’s hygiene too. It helps keep your child’s nails clean, reduces the risk of infections, and preserves those adorable designs they worked so hard on.

A regular regimen can also help teach them about self-care from an early age. However, make sure this process is gentle to avoid damaging their delicate nails.

Tips for Preserving Nail Designs

Kids love showing off their vibrant nail designs. But without proper care, these lovely patterns may chip or fade away quickly.

  • To extend the life of your kid’s nail design, apply a clear top coat once the original polish has dried completely. This step creates a protective layer that shields against everyday wear-and-tear.
  • Encourage them to use gloves while playing with water or doing activities that could potentially damage their artwork.

Promoting Healthy Nails After Applying Nail Art

Caring for your child’s nails after removing polish is equally important as applying it properly. Here are some tips:

  • Gently remove any remaining polish using non-toxic remover designed specifically for kids.
  • Liberally moisturize hands and cuticles afterwards—keeping skin hydrated will prevent peeling or breaking.

Filing Nails: A Key Part Of Your Child’s Nail Care Routine

Parents.com offers an excellent guide on filing nails. Regular filing can prevent the formation of sharp edges that might cause accidental scratches.

Filing should be done in one direction only, from sides to center, using a gentle touch.

Nail Care Products for Kids

There’s a whole heap of nail care products out there just for kids, made especially for their little hands. Opt for non-poisonous items specially designed for their miniature hands.

Key Takeaway: 

Keep your kid’s nail art looking fresh and promote healthy growth with regular maintenance. Use a clear top coat to protect their designs, encourage glove use during potentially damaging activities, and gently remove polish with non-toxic removers. Moisturize hands afterwards for extra care. Teach them early about self-care through filing nails correctly.

DIY Nail Art Ideas for Kids

Children can show off their individuality with enjoyable nail art designs. With a little creativity and some kid-friendly supplies, your child can have salon-worthy nails at home. Let’s explore some DIY ideas using various colors, patterns, and accessories.

Candy Child Nail Tips

If you’re looking for an easy start into the world of nail art, consider getting Candy Child Nail Tips. These false nails come in colorful designs inspired by popular cartoons. They are simple to use – just press them on the natural nail with adhesive nail tabs.

The set includes 120 pieces offering plenty of options for mix-and-match styles. Your kids will surely enjoy these cute manicure tools.

Scented Nail Polishes Set

For more creative freedom in their designs, scented nail polishes are perfect. They allow kids to experiment with different colors while enjoying delightful fragrances like bubblegum or strawberry when they dry.

A recommended pick would be Crayola Scented Nail Polishes 5 Color Set, which has vibrant hues made specifically safe for children’s use.

Nail Art Stickers: The Ultimate Embellishment

To make things even more exciting add embellishments like glitter or stickers onto painted nails. This can create dazzling effects without needing any complex techniques or adult supervision (although it’s always best if adults supervise).

You can get creative with nail art stickers which come in various shapes and themes – from cute animals to shiny stars, adding a whole new level of fun.

Nail Art Kits: The All-In-One Solution

When you’re on the hunt for a one-stop solution, consider nail art kits. They typically come packed with polishes, brushes, stencils and glitters – sometimes even throwing in a surprise.

Key Takeaway: 

For kids who love to show off their style, DIY nail art is a hit. Start simple with Candy Child Nail Tips or let them play artist with scented polishes and embellishments. If you want it all in one package, go for a nail art kit.

FAQs in Relation to Nail Art Kit for Kids

What is the best nail art kit for beginners?

The Crayola Scented Nail Polishes Set makes a solid start. It’s simple to use and designed specifically with kids in mind.

How do you do easy nail art for kids?

To create easy kid-friendly nail art, pick a fun polish color, apply it evenly, let it dry fully then add stickers or decals.

Can children do nail art?

Absolutely. With adult supervision and using safe products like non-toxic polishes and peel-off colors, kids can enjoy creating their own designs.

What are the best nail art kits?

Crayola Scented Nail Polishes Set and Kids Nail Polish Set for Girls with Dryer – Unicorn Manicure rank among top choices due to quality components and user-friendliness.


Navigating the world of nail art kits for kids can be tricky, but we’ve painted a clear picture. Remember, safety and creativity are paramount. Non-toxic polishes and child-friendly tools not only keep your kid safe but also make sure their creative juices flow uninterrupted.

Choose from an array of exciting sets like the Crayola Scented Nail Polishes or the Unicorn Manicure Set with Dryer – they’re designed to bring out every child’s inner artist!

But remember,

Maintaining those tiny masterpieces is just as important as creating them. Healthy nails lead to beautiful designs that last longer.

And finally…

Inspire creativity through DIY ideas! A simple set of stickers could open up a whole new world of design possibilities for your young Picasso.

To sum it all up: Selecting the perfect nail art kit for kids, using it safely under adult supervision, maintaining healthy nails, and encouraging creativity – these are our key takeaways!

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